Overcoming Our Fears: Why You Deserve This NOW

Hello Babe Founder, Courtney Marks | Photos by Dream Photography Studio 


Many of us struggle with our self-image, but how much of life are we missing out on by thinking our bodies dictate our self-worth? It’s a challenge to change the way we view our bodies, to accept our eccentricities and feel truly worthy of putting ourselves first. It takes daily work to love and accept ourselves, but it doesn’t mean we have to let life pass us by as we work towards our goals. These photoshoots are not set aside just for a specific size, shape or age woman, they are for ALL women, in any stage of life. Because your body, the one that keeps you breathing from moment to moment, is worthy of celebrating in any chapter of your story. 


​​I know many of us can be our own harshest critic, perpetuating the ugly lies society has told us by repeating them to ourselves as we peer in the mirror, take a selfie or look a photo taken of us. Telling ourselves we’re not the right size or shape to participate in life. Letting ourselves believe that we’re not worthy enough until we reach a specific number on the scale. But the truth is, our size, color or shape DO NOT dictate our worthiness to experience something special. We are all worthy of an empowering experience, a moment of self-praise and a gift of the unexpected.



Whether or not you’ve reached your goals by the time we do your photoshoot, our team will show you how worthy you are of this experience, how beautiful the world sees you and we’ll encourage you until you feel brave and confident in your skin. That’s the thing, you don’t need to have reached your self-worthiness goals to do your photoshoot, we’ll be there to give you the confidence you need.



So today, make a goal to never deliberately create suffering for yourself. Replace your negative self talk with empowering mantras and get a date in the calendar for your boudoir session, stop waiting for the "right time," you deserve this now.



Follow along on my instastory to see my daily morning motivation, I'll be there everyday to give you a little dose of positivity. Lastly, here are some body-positive mantras you can use to replace all that negative self-talk and move towards body acceptance. 



“I am strong. I am beautiful. I accept and honor my body the way it is.”


“Body, I promise to love and cherish you always. I am sorry for ever being cruel to you."


“My body is beautiful for what it can do.”



Love Always,




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